Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Is Electronic Sheep the world's coolest knitwear?

Selling in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Italy, Germany, Japan and Australia, London Fashion Week's Electronic Sheep is flying the flag – or the scarf – for knitwear designed and crafted in the British Isles.

The AW16 collection celebrates the hundredth anniversary of a significant year in international modernism: 1916Airships & Spaghetti was inspired by Gertrude Stein’s seminal account of Bohemian life in early twentieth-century Paris and features a range of collaborations with embroidery artist, Scott Ramsay Kyle and architectural historian, Conor Lucey. Dresses, scarves, sweaters, skirts and waistcoats are peopled with an eclectic gallery of artists and designers from Picasso eating a plate of spaghetti to Boy Capel (the boyfriend of Coco Chanel) to a coy model reading the first ever edition of Vogue.

Visit the Electronic Sheep website here: Electronic Sheep

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