Sunday, 13 March 2016


Just going to leave this here ... What are your views on this ... Caitlyn Jenner becomes the new face of H&M sport, making his/her presence in the fashion world ... 

What about models who have worked hard to get where they are or after years and years of trying still haven't got to Where they need to be. What should models do ... Marry Kris Jenner and have a sex change ... I personally think the celebrity endorsement on products is way out of hand and totally getting boring now...

We the consumers ... Yes I am a consumer even though I'm an insider the brands and PR's are trying to pull the wool over our eyes ... To softly break us into the idea of caitlyn for the AW 16 show in Paris, H&M sent transgender model Andreja Peijic down the catwalk I'm thinking as test to see the response but there was not press surrounding this decision ... For me it's not the transgender issue its the Kardashian issue and the celebrity issue which is boring, whilst letting new talent just sit there along the side doing nothing or probably flipping burgers somewhere ...

Please do not let talent go to waste for the sake of some Z list celebrities and of course Instagram. 

Don't throw away talent for the likes of the kardashians 

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