Thursday, 4 February 2016

Stella Jean Pre-Fall 16 - Urban Romantic Masai Warrior

A strong awareness of social identity, the value given to memory and to family ties in order to preserve traditions is the key element of Stella Jean’s 2016 Pre-Fall collection. 

The Urban Romantic Masai Warrior ultimately becomes the protagonist of this collection, icon of heritage, routines and beliefs that have barely changed since the beginning of time.

A folkloric journey through classic coats and jackets embellished with prints and embroidery; Montgomery of wool and loden made of original fabrics. Cotton and silk blouses with graceful and recherché lace trimmings, collars that arise in opposite ways but at the same time complete shirts with Ndebele motifs, soaked in sacred powers demanded by their ancestors. Dresses with collars embroidered with family portraits; mini, midi and maxi clothes both rigid and fluid, skirts with overlapping panels and pockets.

An emotional and cross-cultural bond that connects peoples aesthetic and conceptual memories.

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