Sunday, 28 February 2016

WATCH IT NOW - Dolce & Gabbana | Fall Winter 2016/2017 #MILANFASHIONWEEK

For the Women Fall/Winter 2016-17 collection, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were inspired by the Princesses of the fairy tales, old and new. However, nothing was shown in a conventional way, but rather in a symbolic one: in fact, the Prince Charming was a modern girl who wore a military bolero jacket over cropped pants, while on the dresses there were embroideries and applications that referenced the various tales: the mice that sew the dress of Cinderella, the apple of Snow-white, the clock of Alice in Wonderland, etc…

The set-up was truly that of a fairy tale.

At the entrance, guests were greeted by a big tree with magic apples hanging from the branches and surrounded by the mirror of Wicked Witch of Snow-white, Aladin’s magic carpet, Cinderella’s pumpkin and so on. On the stage, props were taken directly from the set-ups of the various operas that were produced for La Scala Theater: the gate and the bed fromSleeping Beauty, the chariot from Ascanio. etc... 

The set was designed by Angelo Scala, who has been creating the sets of the operas produced at La Scala since 2013.

The idea behind the collection was to evoke a dream-like feeling in every woman. According to Domenico and Stefano, every woman wants to be a princess deep inside, albeit a modern one, a princess that instead of waiting in her castle for her prince to come and give her the kiss of true love, is independent and looks for her prince herself.

It is the new generation of princesses, or better the way the new generation looks at them and at love. An example above all is Frozen who gets the kiss of true love from her sister. 

The new girls are not only independent, but have a personal point of view: first of all, they consider themselves as individuals: what makes them different is their attitude. 

The show opened with the classic music of Cinderella immediately followed by the sound of a thunder and then substituted by the music of Sia: the thunder represents the transition from the memories to the present, from the old to the new and modern.

Nothing was presented in a literal or retro way, but rather there was a hint to the fairy tales in the many details of the dresses and the accessories.

There were 95 looks while the finale were all dresses covered in fuchsia, sliver and pink sequins and crystals’ embroideries.

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