Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Can't get enough of this dude right now .....that might be because I am in Italy so much and the MTV plays this song every minute aswell as Kill 'em with kindness by Selena Gomez ... They have played them so much that they are both on my IPhone now and I've actually bought Rag N' Bone man's album .... It's not your obvious I'm hurt from Love album but listen to the words ..... I hope he understands what he is singing about .... alot of singers sing a song but don't understand what they are singing .

You have had to be hurt to get alot of songs that's why Mariah is way up there for me ....

Enjoy!!!! but listen to the words .... think of it as your partner speaking to you and they are trying to make you happy like they promised

Also you meet someone, you fall in love and your more successful than they are .... they try to keep up with your life but they can't this song explains what they are going through to try and keep up

from personal experience it's sweet them trying to make you happy .....

My advice RUN!!!!!

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