Thursday, 6 July 2017


oh ho.... Valentino goes all young with their latest campaign ..... don't tell me they are the latest brand to give into this millennial trend .... the trend that is pushing for the young to wear there clothes..... the same young that can barely afford to eat..... some brands have been using Instagram influencers and the likes of P Diddy's son and Jude law's short and wide son Rafferty to plug their clothes ... basically rich kids ... they are not called rich kids for nothing they can afford it because of their parents and worst they use their parents name and probably get them for free ..... just in case of this Valentino please stick to your demographic and service your clientele who can actually buy into your brand as in clothes not fragrances!

All smiles, Finnlay Davis, Dylan Fender, Robbi G., Ye Xiang, and Quintin Van Konkelenberg front Valentino's fall-winter 2017 campaign.Models Arnaud Courteille, Dylan Fender, Quintin Van Konkelenberg, Finnlay Davis, and Robbi G. star in Valentino's fall-winter 2017 men's campaign.Valentino unveils its fall-winter 2017 campaign, which features photography by David Bailey.
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