Wednesday, 12 July 2017

MUST SEE - Idris Elba Covers the August 2017 Issue of Essence Magazine

Not much to say apart from great spread and video and for de ladies a topless shot ... the only thing left to say is Your Welcome!!!

there should be a video below of him shirtless let me know if you can see it......

Idris get another cover this month ...... esquire..... but no one is singing and dancing or there's no fan fare...... this has happened to me before ... no fanfare also but I was up against two other bloggers who as the press mentioned were the first bloggers to get a cover ... I got two that month and my name was not mentioned

#TUMBLEWEED but I don't have the British "fashion" industry backing me but that's all good I know one thing ..... I got European covers and more importantly I own more houses than they do and I pay for all my own shit!

"Idris Elba for Esquire US August 2017 | Art8amby's Blog

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