Thursday, 22 June 2017

MY THOUGHTS - Wood Wood | Spring Summer 2018 #MFW

Here we go shows you don't hear about .... you may have noticed I cover nearly ever fashion week from London to Copenhagen, Kuwait, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, Moscow .... It's been mainly watch the show but I get it out there and the response has been good...

My mission this year and seems to be from now on is to cover every show or as near as I can get and then certain shows which were outstanding home in on them and shows that was bad I do the same but give an honest opinion .....

this year so far I have covered shows and designers if you look through the archives you heard not heard of some if I be honest never even came into my radar but I am broadening my horizons and no longer championg what main stream press and designers brainwash us to like

This is a great show and when I attend Milan Fashion week there are so many great shows on offer but If you noticed I attended only emerging designers this time

Most people fly overseas and want to blag their way into the hottest shows and parties ... I've never blagged my way in as I am always invited for now

but there's more to life!

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