Monday, 3 April 2017


Jus wanted to say thank you for the amazing response to my blog post "Is this what the fashion industry has come to"

As you can see the reach for the post was shy of 250k which is amazing!!! 

Much appreciated... 

As you can see from the examples of recent posts it's not just a fluke or anything ...  the post was outstanding and was received well ... my blog reach is always quite high averaging 200k reach per post but has you can see its goes higher 

What's interesting is the way I get treated and bloggers with less of a reach, bought followers and a lot less views and hits get all the gigs 

Why is that? I've got many theories on this subject ... I'm a little too real if it's bad I'll say it's bad, I don't have faux followers that I bought less Is more I think jesus only had 12 followers 

And more importantly I'm too old to have a brown tongue and fight to fit in 

All I can say to friends of a friends PRs and brand 

What a wasted opportunity....

I saw last week in a print magazine a blogger who has been blogging for nearly 6 years was bragging their all time views was 600k 

Looking at these examples what do you think mine is 

Runs into multi millions!!!

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