Sunday, 15 January 2017


The princes of Dolce&gabbana took to the runway here in Milan .... #realpeople erm they are not real people they are just folks who have a big Instagram following .... Lord Instagram have a lot to answer to especially with the rise of the freelance models .... Which these are not !! They are YBW's that's what they world has come to .... It's a nice collection I suppose but is this a last ditch attempt by the Italian duo to do some thing new and fresh? #fail the brand wants themselves to be seen as a young hip happening label that moves with the times well In my opinion you need to freshen it up a bit plus these are not the people who have the money to buy into the brand big .... Kids with famous parents (go get a job and on your own)

There's hints of moschino, Gucci and a few more brands thrown in ... What can be said about the collection that wasn't said last season? And the season before? ... Shoot there goes next seasons invite 

Don't get me wrong I love wearing dolce clothes but they are putting it out there this is the sort of people we want wearing are clothes ...

It's Dolce it will sell but not getting any of my money I'm afraid .... Plus I am not a YBW 

If you want to know what a YBW IS INBOX ME!!

Have you noticed all the shows seem to be going Co ed?? What's up with that? What's going to happen next month at womenswear???

Like I said nice collection but not liking the message 

I reckon it's going to be a case of oh take no notice of him he doesn't have many followers... Neither did jesus but over 1.5 million see my 'nonsense' every month 

These are just a few comments .... What the people say  ...

Me wearing Dolce&gabbana I love the brand I'm just miffed that these days in everything fashion .... The fashion is actually taking a backseat 

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