Saturday, 21 January 2017

Bella & Gigi Hadid for Fendi SS 17 Campaign


sister's are doing it for themselves especially when your mother is ... 'supposed' model ..... Yolanda Foster and your father is Mohammed Hadid ........ of course you can be whatever you want to be .... My dad is an ambassador but we are old school ... you work for it and when I pass whatever I have left after I've tried to spend it all is yours ..... a decreasing allowance until your 30 which at that time was basically nothing ...... 20s are for learning 30s are for earning .... these kids claim they are not spoilt but don't realise just how spoilt they are!

for me they spoil the campaign ..... my focus is not on what i'm suppose to desire and aspire to get ... but it turns on these spoilt kids and their instagram followers!

where Brooklyn Beckham at!


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