Saturday, 21 January 2017

REVIEW - Louis Vuitton | Fall Winter 2017/2018 (Honest Review)

It's a no from me ...

This is how you ruin an over 200 year old Maison in 20 mins on a Parisian runway ..... Why? Why? Why? It's not their DNA ... This is what happens when you try to flood the market and please everyone 

This collection won't get any of my money!

It's a BIG NO!! from me

It's a blatant attempt to win over the Japanese, Chinese Asian markets but the young ... Which a lot of collections this season have blatantly said 

But this, this looks like something you would by a lady market in Hong Kong

 I think they got the Far East market all wrong, ðŸ¤”when the North Face brand did the collaboration it screamed luxury. 
There was no big font type, it was all about the quality of clothing, craftsmanship, even down to the materials used and exclusivity
 via location. Every detail was thought out. When I saw the collection I actually cried it was beautiful! 

This bag is an eyesore sorry to say that but you know I love my Louis Vuitton luggage that's all I travel with .... 

The brand is old skool keep it that way... Update slowly .... The SS 17 collection was outstanding and heading the right way by updating classic ... I love that LV are doing collaborations but this is too much too soon 

Stick to your DNA guys 

This is what happens when you to please everyone and follow the trend of the season keep it young and forget about your customer such as myself the actually people who can afford to buy it!

My Louis Vuitton luggage.... A brand like LV I like to keep it classic .... I have clothing and shoes from the brand and even then why I BUY I like to keep it fashion forward but more classic 

Seasonal is so passé 

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