Sunday, 4 September 2016


Is nothing sacred???  The Gucci Princeton slipper/loafer/mule .... Fashion editors favourite as in as soon as they were released they rushed to get their pair or put their name down on the waiting list to get them 

Next was the streetstylers the people who get most of the attention at fashion weeks around the world .... Then the bloggers be a successful blogger you have to have rich parents and lots of time , if you haven't noticed your blind! Sorry I said it! Now I suppose and with all the reports, interviews, magazine covers and my job on TV I'm a successful blogger but I'm not going to go into family finances but it would surprise a lot of people if I did .... Ok I'm rambling now ... The point is I've noticed alot of bloggers are wearing fake models of the Gucci icons and trying to pass them off as real ... The fur gives them away sorry... That's all I'm saying and even worst there are so many online stores and of course fake central eBay where you can get for a mere $150 where as the real ones code approximately $1150 

I urge you don't buy them and it's not worth it ... One your embarrassing yourself and secondly and most importantly you helping to ruin the fashion industry and also helping to raise prices on products as most designers are  going back to their roots and making clothes for the elite and pricing out those people who work hard and save for their luxuries ...

Now below is a copy I'm not saying where you can buy them .... Below that is another pair I found and described as Gucci slippers .... Seriously?????

Don't do it people... Don't buy and help put these people out of business 

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