Tuesday, 23 February 2016


I posted this on my Instagram @clotheshorse90 but thought I would post it on my blog because I'm finding it troubling and it actually kept me awake last night 

What do you think ?

whilst out yesterday I took the subway ran up the stairs to get out and overtook this man without bumping him ... He said are you in a hurry ... ? I said what ! He mumbled something under his breath I said oh get lost! He then proceeded to tell me he has just out a gypsy curse on me and I will have a horrible life... Good luck with your life he said!! 1 - I did nothing 2 - this is the grief blacks people have to go thru these days just because I was getting somewhere before him and 3 - my life has not been exactly a bunch of roses ... 4 - I pray any hex you 'claim' to have put on me ... My God will overcome!! #lifeofablackman #racismatitsfinest #prayerworks #godisgood #mygodisawesome #weShallOvercome #celebritiesonlyblackpeopleknow

When did the world become so evil? 

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