Wednesday, 24 February 2016


This will be the last kind of blog I'll ever do regarding bloggers and the way they are treated in the UK because it feels like I'm a one man mission speaking out saying the things bloggers want to say but are too scared to say it.  If we become a community instead of backstabbing each other then no one would be scared to voice what they are feeling. 

It's no secret about how uk bloggers are treated ard international counterparts are raking it in especially in the US and Asia but they stick together and are not threatened by each other's success but we don't see this in the UK.  

Ok the point of this post is I wanted to know do you know ?  The streets are talking, the word on the street is ... No matter what is being said things are being said.  No this fashion week I decided to miss London out because you don't get a thank you or even a retweet not unless you are one of the favourites young, bright, white and middle class oh shut up! You know in speaking the truth look around all the top bloggers don't they look the same with the same brands kissing their ass? No you haven't noticed then your blind!! But those guys stick together don't have to blog because PR's are help thrusting them into the limelight so all the have to do is post the free stuff that's bunged at them in today I'm wearing posts and there is no mention of the collection they have just seen on front row ... It will be all about who they sat next to which will probably be some reality star I cringe when I say star.  But the word on the street is AW 16 London fashion week had a no bloggers allowed .... This is why you probably didn't get your press pass this season of younger entitled to one and I'm not just talking rookie bloggers veterans also.  

Now take this on board you support these brands all year round scratching their back well not really the brands but the PRs and they don't scratch your back when you need them. 

Community ? Community ? Bloggers community ?  They can pull this kind of shit why? Because we are not a community if we were one this would not be allowed.  Now this is my disclaimer how I found out was said superstar bloggers have been mentioning it saying it was much better with the no blogger policy.  BAD!! 

Now this will be the last you hear of me as when I put stuff like this up giving bloggers a heads up you don't even retweet it, comment on it or anything.  

So I'm stepping away from the blogging community where we are too busy taking each other down ... Coconut blacks taking down other blacks and whites taking down writes ... What a world 

Good luck all I won't be getting myself in trouble anymore giving heads up 

What for ? And to who ? The Blogging community ... 

I'm on TV in Europe girl gods sake and ain't no one kissing my ass ... Don't let me spell it out !!

Ps sorry for the grammar I did this on the tube/subway 

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