Friday, 25 May 2018


Oh those were the days when I was an ambassador for John Smedley then it became about how Instagram Folllowers you have

Lucky I'm not Stooooooopid ........ The Guy I used to deal with .... shame on me I cannot remember his name but he would be a good witness in saying I used to help push the knitwear ...... Times have changed and I'm over it I'm no longer a Socialite and anyone who says they are lol ..... the word is dead ........

Embracing a pop of color, Jake Love wears a yellow polo from John Smedley.Jake Love wears a knit suit for John Smedley's spring-summer 2018 campaign.John Smedley enlists Jake Love as the star of its spring-summer 2018 campaign.Model Jake Love stars in John Smedley's spring-summer 2018 campaign.Front and center, Jake Love stars in John Smedley's spring-summer 2018 campaign.

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