Thursday, 16 February 2017

WATCH IT NOW - Michael Kors | Fall Winter 2017- MY THOUGHTS #NYFW

Ive not been a fan of the brand for a couple of years especially because of those watches and that jet set tote ... then things got worse when they started to use those fast track models .... can you tell they are a pet hate ..... but this collection ... remember it's a truth blog and i'm a truth blogger .... this collection is giving  me life ... watch it and you will see .... I can't praise it enough .... the collection is flawless ....

look out for the gold sequin shirt dress and matching clutch (5m;09s) .... I said I would never wear Marc Jacobs and look the last two summers I have I even did a shoot for a Russian magazine wearing Jacobs ..... I never said I would never wear Michael Kors but it was not my first place to shop especially for my TV wardrobe but the SS 17 menswear collection had me looking seriously at the brand and now this collection has MK cemented in my mind ... I just wouldn't buy accessories though

whats up New York ... we got a hot one!!!

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