Saturday, 25 February 2017

GIRL CRUSH - Halima Aden

I am so so so so so loving Halima Aden .... nothing in London but she is killing it in Milan walking in shows.... such as Max Mara and Alberta Feretti ... she is breaking barriers and is a one woman diversity band wagon ...... this is progress I thank the brands that are booking her and i hope they are not booking her for the wrong reasons but either way which ever way a statement is being made and I am all for it ..... I will always remember FW 17 camel coats from Max Mara......

Halima I salute YOU!!!

Ladies and Gentleman I give you a real supermodel! if she isn't now she's gonna be ..... let's forget these rich fast track models ....

Image result for Halima AdenImage result for Halima AdenImage result for Halima Aden

Progress guys ........... Halima on the cover of a magazine .......I'm kind of more proud of this cover than when I got my own first cover....

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