Monday, 14 March 2016

MUST SEE - QUOTE OF THE DAY ..... P.S He isn't even a celebrity

To contuine the hate campaign against me in the UK and a few places around the world ... this quote has to be one of the funniest and really brought a smile to my face... It was done by someone in the UK that I know of but have never met but they are keen to hurt my well manicured image and cause trouble.... Im just some dude trying to pay of my MORTGAGE'S yes more than one I dont rent or lease so young man take several seats...

There's just something about the UK that they have it in for me but the funny thing is this blog is one of the biggest ones here so I dont have to tag or name names as they will definitely see it

so below is a few examples you decide ....

one again take several seats please! I think people in the UK just want me to go as Im doing too weel for a black man but guess what I'm here to stay

Sorry now take several seats

Me filming for real TV.... on a real TV programme

Me walking in the capacity as an international published model ......Antony Morato SS 16

Me co hosting on Asian TV real TV again

Just a few paparazzi shots 

Modelling again for an editorial in Russia ......

On the grind again in the capacity as Model Judge pon de tv ...

Asian TV

Asian TV Real TV

Womenswear with Leroy Dawkins (thats my name right) weekly segment on Real TV hosted once a week! take several seats .....

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