Wednesday, 2 March 2016


It's come to my attention that on Facebook I get lots of invites from people I know and a few I don't asking me to like their Facebook pages.   Now out of support I do this especially with people I know personally but do they return the favour ? NO! 

So please do not ask me to like your Facebook pages if your not prepared to like mine ... Unlike many of you my site and social media is all organic so I don't have as many as some of the folk out there who buy but somehow manage to rack up more hits and views than those who do 

So remember like for like as I know why you want me to like your page and you know why I want you to like mine 

I will be checking through my likes on people's pages and also seeing if they like mine if there's no sign of scratching each other's backs then you got to go 

Sorry it's come to this I'm old school we help each other out but the need breed are ruthless it's just taken me longer to start getting that way ... Which for me is very hard but now seems very necessary 

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