Monday, 13 April 2015


This week, this week, this week..... it's been epic I did a great interview with Homme Style magazine and my double page came out and doing well all over the world especially in the USA ... Love you team America .....

Next I was offered the most amazing job with a US publication as they acknowledge me as a celebrity everywhere apart from the UK... surprise, surprise ..... but that's not what i'm in this for but its great to be acknowledged .... so as a celebrity Blogger for their online site I will be posting fashion, my views and just about anything that is currently turning me on ... I will update you with more info as we are currently crossing all the T's and dotting the I's ... with this I will also be a fashion Editor writing, interviewing etc for the print publication ... this will involve me hopefully travelling more the the States ... watch out Team USA i'm coming at YA!

Now to end a week of all week's I get my first cover!!! on Wedding Boom ....MAY 2015 cover #screeeeeeaaaaaaaaaammmmmm it's out tomorrow in Eastern Europe and Europe proper .... I feel so blessed and humbled at the same time .... I would like to thank everyone involved from the photographer, my cover mate, make up, hair stylist and of course me model and stylist .... Im wearing Dolce&Gabbana with collar chain accessory from River Island ......

so surreal ... my face on a magazine cover all over Europe, at newsstands, coffee tables, supermarkets #screeeeeaaaaaaaammmmmm

What a week!

Big thank you to you guys all around the world I could not do this without you and to the hardcore 
fans of the blog ... 

you give me life


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