Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Hallie Sara aw 17 #LFW final walk through

This saddens me .... this will make me come clean ...... alot of you follow throughout the year or even years and know that during fashion week/month I see alot of shows .... I love attending the big shows but they can be season after season repeats just in a different colour but still the same style .... so I go to some ... I say some big shows technically to be seen and in some or most cases get press and feed the paparazzi ... hey we all have to make a living and with names attending shows they make money its a money circle

But but but Hallie Sara presented her collection during fashion week London at fashion scout where if I may add is where you see the real fashion from up and coming designers and established ones who have not sold out and stay true to their DNA ........ the show gained attendance of lots of Photographers and video people

why can't I find any videos or photos? if I knew I would have videoed the show myself but here I have just the finale ... check out instagram I have a few shots of my favourite looks .... This collection was one of the best presented in my eyes and the reaction of the people who attended

once I can compile a post with what I have I will post again but try and enjoy the finale shot from my front row seat as always ... which is also on my YouTube which you should check out also ... justs aying

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