Friday, 11 March 2016


Hi hi hi! Just wanted to do a quick post about this ... Ok hands up just for a minute I got sucked in ... Sucked into the world where Kim Kardashian and many others in whilst in delusion ... What world the world of airbrushing .... As a model I love love love it because if I'm in a picture representing your brand I want to look as good as possible plus I have direction from talented photographers that make me look good with minimal airbrushing.

Now let me get to the point and the naked truth ... I reckon none of us will ever look like her ... The girl on the front Cover of a magazine in truth neither does she ...but I got sucked in and downloaded An app ... I'm not going to mention which one as I'm not plugging it but all these apps do is make you feel inadequate!! Are doing these pictures on my iPhone all that happened was all week I questioned myself oh my god I have so many lines .. My teeth are really yellow from smoking and drinking too many cans of Coke daily ...

If your like me ... Don't download it ... If your like Kim and don't like seeing the truth ... Download away 

Here I am !! And I'm proud of every line ... Next to the airbrushed picture I look 70 ... When realistically I'm ............. Yep I'm. Not telling you my age !

But way to go to make young people or even old feel so good about themselves

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