Monday, 7 March 2016


This year will see the rel are  of the biopic movie Nina Simone which tells o
Is of the life of the journalist, songwriter, musician and civil rights activist.  

What should be a joyous thing celebrating her life is now causing controversy because who they have chosen to play her in this epic film. 

The actress chosen to play nina in the film is Zoe Salanda ... Now I rate her as an actress but first released pictures show Zoe with a blackened face and looking a lot prettier than Nina.  Now Nina like me is dark skinned what I would like to call black beauties  and there are many black beauty actresses out there that could been perfect for the role but it has deemed perfectly normal to use a beautiful light skinned actress and blackened her up ... Why? Is this because as many say nina was not exactly the most beautiful woman out there and they wanted someone who would be more appealing to the eye?

Like I said black beauty ... Darker the berry sweeter the juice ..... That old favourite saying. 

Now I'm going to play devils advocate and see it from both sides .... The studio side is Zoe salanda is a well nown name she is beautiful and has a following on erm Instagram that's how we live these days you have to have a following on social media ....

The objectors side would be they used a light skinned woman to play the part of a music icon who so happens to be dark skinned ... The black race has been through a lot especially growing up being treated different because of your skin toned and light skinned people of colour being favoured more than their black counterparts .... Great way to make a race of people feel so good about themselves ... What are we? Back in the fifties????

She looks like she's going to play Winnie Mandela .... Wake up and give people credit where it's due ... This is almost as bad as that rumour that Brad Pitt is to play Biopic film .... Please don't get me started!!! Think back to the 90s the movie Cool Runnings ... An all American cast playing the parts of Jamaicans ...

How authentic .... 

My choice would be Lauryn Hill ..... 

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