Saturday, 16 January 2016


All hail the king Peter Dundas I am feeling you right now ... You've taken it back to the 70s like we seen in a few collections it Topman at London Collections ... Unlike Gucci we see a more casual collection which does not mean the workmanship is not there ... We see leopard print furs, brocade, brocade and brocade especially on denim ... I remember back in the 90s a pair of CAVALLI embellished jeans were £1,800 so god knows what the price will be for them now but bottom line is if I can afford it I'm buying them ... For me this is the BEST COLLECTION SO FAR!!!!! Let's see who can top this! 

I'm always going on about tailoring especially at London collections men ... Tell me and honestly you can't see the difference between this tailoring and that of London .. Italian tailoring makes you stand out of the crowd whilst what was presented at LCM makes you be one of the crowd who all look the same ... How many people will you see rocking the CAVALLI look? Not many ... The tailoring is on point different and they should be rocking it! Oh Italy I love you so much ... London was like a bad starter at a posh dinner 

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