Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Normally my this week's most wanted are very high priced designer items which most can't afford and If like me you can you try to be sensible and justify the purchase 

Great news this week the item I've chosen is affordable for everyone... even millennials .... meowwwwww put those claws away 

It's available at STYLEDLIKE.com and newlook.com and already has a huge celebrity following 

It's a T shirt and If you live in London or some parts of Europe our summer basically just started and is probably nearly finished and nobody wants to buy expensive pieces now even if they are in the sales and or you buy resort pieces because you travel a lot.  

Well it's priced at £7.99 so it's a perfect to buy now and better than that it's one of those tops you can wear year after year 

Ok here it is let me know what you think 

My following is mainly US based, Italian and Russian if you don't know who the celebrities shown are they are big in the the UK ..... unlike me worldwide......  meowwww get those claws back in 

Jump on it these are not going to hanging around and especially at this price ...... ok this is me pressing the publish button ...... and this is me going to buy my one now before you guys beat me .... Oh I have the page open already!

As seen on TV personality and Fashion designer Millie Mackintosh who's SS 17 and Pre Fall 2017 collections I recently checked out and loving and if you follow me regularly you know I am not a fan of Celebrity fashion ..... But I wasn't with Victoria Beckham and if I attend shows in NYC I won't get on the plane to if I don't have a ticket for her show (and a good seat)

Also seen on TV presenter Holly Willoughby ...

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