Monday, 25 April 2016

Introducing DH12 No.2 Thialy Sow ..... NOMINATE YOURSELF!!!

D.HEDRAL's second 'DH12' - Thialy Sow.

Born in Senegal (West Africa) Thialy Sow moved to Paris with his parents at the age of 8, leaving friends and relatives to make the 2,500 mile journey to further his education. Thialy went on to study a masters degree in film editing and is now working as a Feature Film Editor sharing his time between London and Paris.

'DH12' sees 12 guys (one each month) from across the globe hand-picked by D.HEDRAL for a shoot with the brand's campaign photographer.

Candidates can nominate themselves on Instagram using the hashtag #iamDH12 or email (more info).

DH12 follows the 12 months starting March 2016 where D.HEDRAL will be searching the globe for guys to follow the likes of rugby star Thom Evans, WBFF Champion Lee Constantinou and top model Aaron O’Connell to encapsulate the D.HEDRAL brand.
Each month, for the next 12 months, one candidate will be hand-picked by D.HEDRAL for a shoot with its campaign photographer who will fly to their major city to meet and shoot.
Each successful candidate will be immortalised as one of the elite DH12 for 2016 with a whole month devoted to them on the D.HEDRAL website and social channels. They’ll also receive a bounty of D.HEDRAL product!
Good looks isn’t enough. D.HEDRAL are looking for guys that have the power to inspire greatness. From an impressive body transformation to doing good in the community, D.HEDRAL wants to share stories from leaders that will motivate, drive and stimulate.


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